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Loy's in History


The name “Loy” is probably derived from St. Eloi (German: Der heilige Eligius oder Eulogius). He was living in France and was born in 588 in Chaptelat near Limoges, he was goldsmith and treasurer at the court of the Merovingians. He was appointed to the bishop of Noyon in 641. He also was a great missionar in northern France by missionary the there living Germans. He died on 1.12. 660. He is the patron saint of the blacksmiths and goldsmiths. Day: 1.12. Eloi or Elwa = Saint.

Search for the legend of  St. Eloi at Medieval Sourcebook (see Link page): The life of St. Eligius


The word “Eloi” is also mentioned in the holy bible: Eloi is in the ancient language Aramaic the word for Lord.

In Mat. 27,46 and Mar. 15,34 the cry of Jesus on the cross is written: Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtani (Lord, Lord why hast thou forsaken me?) Seemingly a quotation of Psalm 22,1.

Litt: The Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopaedia

The German Surname Encyclopedia (Hans Bahlow, Keysersche Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1967) about Loy: Region: upper-german, rhine area, a popular form of the Saint Eligius or Eulogius french St. Eloy, Eulogius chapel in Bingen, compair Balthasar Loy (Eligius) 1541 Salzburg/Austria. Loye Seng 1441 Rottweil /Austria. Eulogius Kiburger a swiss chronicler 1506. Other forms of Loy: Ley, Gloy, Gley (I found also: Loe, Lohe, Loi, Loj, Lay). The name Loy was and is still used as first name (see Loy Hering).


Loy near Rastede/Oldenburg, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

The village of Loy near Rastede/Oldenburg was probably built in a forested area, as is suggested by its earliest names, and consisted of only 4 farms during this time. It was mentioned as Lage in 1124, Loge in 1158 and 1190, Loyge in 1059 and 1350; and after 1390, only as Loye, Loy. The change of the letter g into i (y) occurs most often in the Frisian and English languages but can also occur in the Low German regions, as seen in Iserloy, Loyerende (Ohmstede). The village and open field name Loh, Loge stands for a forest or forest clearing and is quite commonly found within the entire Germanic speech area, e.g. Munderloh, Oslo, Waterloo. It is related to Licht (light), Leuchte (shiner) and also the Indo-Germanic and Latin lucus, luna (moon), lumen, lux (light).  An 1844 land register map of Loy shows an open field named Logeas farmland, next to where the old farms once stood, now located in the center of the old village. If Rastede is interpreted as "Rodestätte" (= stub site) then the name Loy would refer to this now central and open area.

Two of the above mentioned farms developed into aristocratic estates, which most likely functioned as the administrative quarters for the monastery in Rastede.  In the fief register of the Earls of Oldenburg, "Volquin to der Loye" is mentioned in association with a comital estate in Kirchhatten.

Owners of the estate of Loy:

about 1275 Volquin (Volkwin) to der Loye
1389 Wineke van der Loye
1390 squire Wynandus van der Loye
1426 Gerd van der Loye, son of Wyneken.

Source: Heinrich Munderloh, Die Bauerschaft Loy und ihre Adelssitze, 1988.


„Loy“ is also a chinese word (in some of over 2500 dialects) for „thunder“ and also a family name in some chinese areas (see Yap Ah Loy).





Loy in History


Loy Hering

born approx. 1484/85 in Kaufbeuren / South Germany. Died approx. 1554 in Eichstätt. A famous sculptor of the German Early Renaissance (over 100 existing works, “successor” of Albrecht Dürer). Mainwork: sitting Saint Willibald in the dome of Eichstätt (1514). Many epithaphiens (tombs) live-size and larger stone and wood crizifixes. Stone cruzifix in the church of the Franziskaner monastery in Schwaz /Tirol/ Austria, cover of the tomb of Earl Niclas v. Salm (successful defender of Vienna against the Turkeys in 1529) in the Votiv-cathedral in Vienna (1530) and also an Epitaph in the church Deutschordenskirche in Vienna.


Epitaph von Loy Hering



Loi de Wadre

Captain of the Burgundian mercenary. He captured together with the German Wilibald von Schauenburg and the English captain Grison the city of Arras for the duke Albrecht of Saxonia in 1492.



Loys de Flandres

Herr von Praer, advisor of  Emperor Charles V. He recommended Charles V. to sign the peace-treaty with Rome in 1529.


Sculptor Family Loy  in Regensburg

Between 1497  and 1522 some Loy's  (sculptors, wood carvers and -engravers, "pildschnitzer") are mentioned in the archives of Regensburg: Michel Loy, probably the father of  Lienhard Loy, Hans Loy = H.L. and  Erasmus Loy



Michel Loy

was beheaded as a ringleader in 1512 in front of the townhall in Regensburg.



Hans Loy, (Hans Loi) Master H.L.

born approx. 1480 - 1485, died approx. 1533
1512? "Ulmer" design plan of a Marienaltar with hidden signature HLOI
1514-20 Altar in Niederrotweil
1523-26 High altar in the minster of Breisach



Erasmus Loy

Formcutter in Regensburg, worked about 1520/70. Had an “emperor license” to cut “wallpapers” and first attempts in color printing.



Godfried van der Loy

woodcarver and lay brother, choir stalls in the Dominican-Monastery in Löwen. Died 18.6.1580 in Löwen.



Francois van Loy

Loo or also Verloy, sculptor at Mecheln, master 1607



Father Johannes Loy (approx. 1550 - 1631)  

read his story here. 



Johann Georg Loy

sculptor and citizen of Scheibbs / Austria. 1710 “grace picture” on the Church of Maria Taferl in Austria, 1720 wood carving of the high altar in the church of Pöchlarn 1721, altar in the church of Klein-Pöchlarn /Austria.



Johann Wilhelm Loy

born 3. April 1752 Weißenburg /Germany, died December 1805 in Leutkirch / Germany

1775 rector in Isny, 1779 preacher in Leutkirch. Author of the book " Das protestantische Eherecht. In einer Reihe theologischer und juristischer Bedenken." Nürnberg und Altdorf, 1793. (The Protestant matremonial law. In some theological and legal doubts).


Yap Ah Loy

Leader of Chinese Cummunity of Kuala Lumpur. born in Tam Shui village in the Kwai Yap district of the Fui Chui prefecture in the Southern Chinese province of Guangdong, on 14th March 1837. He died in the morning of 15 April 1885. He was 48 years old.



Jacobus van Loy

born 1855 Haarlem, Netherlands, painter,



Mina Loy

poet and painter, born Dec. 27, 1882 in London, died September 29, 1966 in Aspen, Colorado.

was born Lowy in 1882, a time of overt anti-Semitism in England, to a Christian mother and a Jewish father. She adopted "Loy" for her first painting exhibition in Paris: the name, which suggested French antecedents, hinted that she would be a law (loi) unto herself. But "Loy" was only the first in a series of verbal disguises. Her name changes would mark reformulations of identity. The anagrammatic shifts of Lowy into Loy and later Lloyd symbolize her attempts to resolve personal crises. In this book, she is Mina -- the name that stayed fixed as her surname varied. (Even "Mina" by itself could be volatile; in some moods she announced contrarily that it was pronounced "miner," British style.)



Myrna Loy

 b. August 2, 1905. d. December 14, 1993. USA, Hollywood Actress, real name Myrna Williams.

Between 1934 and 1939 Myrna Loy made 21 movies, including Parnell with Clark Gable. During the release of Parnell, Clark Gable and Myrna Loy were voted King and Queen of the Movies. Myrna was paired with Clark Gable in Test Pilot and Too Hot to Handle, both in 1938, to capitalize on their popularity.

Cary Grant, working with Myrna in both Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer and Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House said that all the leading men agreed that Myrna was the wife they all wanted.



Jackson Keith Loy

was born at Effingham, IL, April 29, 1922, and was killed in action November 12, 1942.

Mr. Loy was killed in the battle at Guadalcanal. His body, wrapped in a blanket belonging to Orville Jinks, Jr. of Mason, Illinois, Signalman on the U.S.S. SanFrancisco with Loy, was buried at sea. The Destroyer Escort Vessel, The U.S.S. Loy, was launched July 4, 1943. The U.S.S. Loy was christened and commissioned at Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, VA.

 U.S.S.Loy under construction


Dr. Tom Loy

Australian scientist, 1942 - 2005


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